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Little Flame Burning Bright

A reflection and testimonial from a 22 year old actress.

Thank you for guiding me through a truly wonderful, enlightening, sensitive and profound emotional and physical exploration of past traumas, repercussions and how those have shaped me. The experience of loss and grief as a young child was something I have wanted to talk to someone about for a long time and I’m so glad I found you and your practice of movement therapy, as it is so clearly a bodily experience as much as an emotional or mental one. I loved working through and with my body. In the welcoming and non-judgmental space that you create, it really does lend a freedom of expression and experience when words are sometimes not enough or too much. As someone who has for years guarded and protected herself, physical freedom of expression is invaluable to me and I will certainly try to continue moving freely and creatively when I can. After ten sessions with you, I left feeling very positive and feeling that I am able to now embrace the trauma and sadness as part of me, in a way that I know it has shaped me, but that it doesn’t define all of me, and that whilst I have now worked through it somewhat, I am also happy to feel closer to or more in touch with the experience and myself. It has left me feeling warm, open and calm most of the time. And I know it’s also fine to not feel those things all of the time. But I feel stronger inside and quite excited to move forwards. That little flame is still burning bright in my mind, my heart and my body.

I would highly recommend working with Jenni to anyone who is unsure about therapy. The wonderful way she works means that you can either shape the sessions to how you’re feeling on the day – if you want to talk, talk, and if you want to move, you can move – or if you have no idea, she will always help to guide the session. And no matter how I entered the room, I always left with a positive – be it a single word, an image or a feeling – to take with me into the week.

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