through movement

I provide individual and group clinical supervision, as well as reflective practice sessions for organisations and mental health teams.

In an atmosphere of curiosity, affirmation and willingness for open communication, I aim to create a collaborative and embodied dialogue in which the practitioner is supported to attend to their clients, themselves and the context in which they are working. Together we will tailor an approach that best supports your needs, blending verbal and movement based explorations to gain insight into clinical material. I believe supervision to be a supportive relationship in which to safely explore both the difficulties and complexities as well as celebrate the development of our clients and our professional selves.

The Seven-Eyed Model of Supervision
Hawkins and Shohet


How long is a supervision session?

An individual supervision session is one hour. Group supervision may be an hour and a half depending on the number of participants and the context.

How much does a supervision session cost?

An individual supervision session is £55 and £45 for student DMP's. The cost of a group session is based on the number of participants and where the group takes place.

Would you consider coming to a different location to provide supervision?

Only in the instance of running group supervision, or seeing a number of individual practitioners at that same location.

I am not a movement or creative arts psychotherapist, would your supervision approach be useful?

The supervision offers attention to felt responses and the embodied intersubjectivity of clinical material. If you are interested in including an embodied and creative perspective when exploring your work, then together we can tailor an approach that will support your needs regardless of your psychotherapeutic orientation.

If I come from a different psychotherapeutic orientation would my hours with you count towards my association's professional supervision requirements?

It is important to check with your individual association on the specific requirements of your professional supervision and that they will recognise supervision hours outside of your theoretical approach.

I am a student DMP, can you supervise me?

Depending on where you are in your training, supervision is often provided by your tutors. However, if you are at a stage where you are running sessions and need to find your own supervision then yes I am able to supervise your work.

Are supervision sessions only face to face or is Skype a possibility?

Initially I think it is important to meet face to face to build the relationship and get a sense of how best to work together. Being physically together also offers the opportunity to explore in greater depth the felt responses and intersubjectivity of the material as well embodying different personal perspectives. However, where meeting is not possible and the relationship developed, I believe Skype can be an effective and supportive supervision method.

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