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Efficacy of DMP in an Adult NHS Mental Health Rehabilitation Setting

I have been working in an adult mental health NHS rehabilitation setting since May 2018. I run a weekly group for patients in a managed access unit (MAU) which has a total of 25 beds and patients from mixed cultural backgrounds and genders. The patients are living with recurring psychosis and have been referred to the MAU to regain the necessary skills (physical, emotional and social) for successful transition to community living. The DMP group is a safe and creative environment where these skills can be exercised and integrated, offering the patients the opportunity to express themselves, come together, move and create shared experiences. I wrote an article in March 2019 on my work for the CNWL Rehabilitation Newsletter specifically looking at why DMP is a positive intervention for this patient population and the efficacy of DMP in a mental health rehabilitation setting. This article was then uploaded to the Trust website which you can read here:

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