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Jenni de Knoop is a Dance Movement Psychotherapist working in West Sussex and on-line during COVID-19.

Jenni offers individual and group psychotherapy sessions to adults, adolescents, and therapists in training. From an embodied perspective, Jenni also provides individual and group clinical supervision, as well as reflective practice for psychotherapists and mental health professionals.


Jenni de Knoop

BA (Hons), MA, RDMP

Movement Psychotherapist

Private Practitioner

Clinical Supervisor


Member of the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK - ADMP

07561 724 027


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What is movement psychotherapy?

Movement psychotherapy is a creative and embodied psychotherapeutic approach, inviting both body and mind into the therapy process. Our bodies are both shaped by and reflect our thoughts and feelings - they contain our life story. As movement is the primary language of the body, moving can reach deep feelings and memories as well as bring awareness and insight to current emotional and mental states.

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